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imKey Secret Box Pro

imKey Secret Box Pro

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If you own an imKey Hardware Wallet, you will also need an imKey Secret Box Pro to store your private seed phrase. Your assets are protected with this layer of security.

Features of the imKey Secret Box Pro

The imKey Secret Box Pro can be used with ease. It's easy to understand with simple plates and tools.

Both plates are constructed from indestructible 304-grade stainless steel.

The device comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters for creating your mnemonic seed phrase.

The secret box is fireproof. It can withstand twice the heat in the fire-resistance rating of an ordinary residential building.

The devices are reinforced with 8 strong screws. This makes the secret box shockproof as well.

Considering the secret box is 304-grade stainless steel, this means it is also waterproof. It resists rust.

The device supports BIP39 word seeds or 12, 18, or 24 letters. The random private key is generated by your imKey hardware wallet.

person holding the imKey Secret Box Pro backup tool

How does the imKey Secret Box Pro work?

The imKey Secret Box Pro works alongside your hardware wallet. When you set up your wallet, a mnemonic phrase will be generated.

This is a private key that is used externally to provide an extra layer of security for your crypto wallet. This security level works beyond your trusted wallet.

After the wallet generates the random key, you must request your phrase and record this key using the imKey Secret Box Pro. The key can be recorded on the stainless steel metal plates that come in the box.

After the seed phrase is on the plates, you must hide them to protect your private random words. Never hide these plates in a common area.

If your wallet is ever stolen or lost, you can use the seed phrase to recover your wallet. ImKey will never request your recovery phrase.

Important Things To Remember

Both sides of the box can be used to store letters. Carefully enter your chosen letters to create the mnemonic phrase.

After you complete the phrase, close the box then tighten the screws to make sure the box is secure to add yet another layer of safety.

You can also use the irreversible seal after closing the imKey secret box. It will be obvious if the seal is disturbed.

Security Features Of The imKey Secret Box Pro

The secret box pro can store up to 128 characters on the steel plates. This provides the capabilities of recording a unique mnemonic phrase.

Using mnemonic phrases on plates prevents hackers from stealing your information online. External storage can be easier and safer with unconventional hiding places.

Users can create their own encryption algorithm. Each grid has its own unique number.

The BIP39 word list has 2048 common English word combinations. The initial 4 letters of every word are different.

The Secret Box Pro provides strong passwords, customized as private keys. It also provides ASCII character blocks as well.

Weight And Dimensions Of The Secret Box Pro

The Secret Box Pro weighs 260g and can be hidden away easily. The dimensions of the imKey Secret Box Pro are 86mm x 86mm in size.


The Secret Box Pro is compatible with all crypto wallets.

What's in the Box?

Within the imKey Secret Box Pro you will find:

  • 1 Secret Box Pro

  • 1 screwdriver

  • 3 extra screws

  • 1 character block set (1040 characters and 520 blocks)

  • 1 seal sticker

  • 1 instruction card

  • 1 block extractor

contents of the imKey Secret Box Pro box
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