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XSEED Plus Seed Backup

XSEED Plus Seed Backup

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When utilizing a hardware wallet, namely the SecuX version, you need assurance that your account information is safe and secure. Pin numbers, fingerprint sensors, and two-factor authentication work wonders.

However, if your wallet is ever stolen or lost, these operations won't work. This is the primary reason you need the SecuX XSEED Plus recovery system. With the recovery seed phrase option, you can have a key phrase, created from letters, safely offline and ready to access your account.

With this solution, you can go in and change any pin words, preventing outside access to your finances. The entire process to back up your recovery seed phrase using the XSEED Plus is quite simple.

Basics of the SecuX XSEED Plus

The secure bitcoin wallet crypto seed storage steel plates provide the best security for your hardware wallet. There are several recovery products that offer a way to keep important information safe from prying eyes.

The seed phrase recovery process works by generating a 12-24 letter phrase unique to your device. This seed phrase can be engraved or stamped into metal plates, either industrial-grade aluminum sheets or stainless steel.

These plates can then be stored away in the event that you lose your entire device or access to your account. This key phrase is the ultimate code to regaining authority over your assets and keeping them away from cybercriminals.

Protect Your Seed Phrase with the XSEED Plus

There is no perfect way to store your seed phrase. Any location has a certain risk of being revealed. However, some areas are much better than others. But successfully hiding this phrase means extra secure multiple backups.

The problem with online seed phrase storage

Storing your crypto seed phrase online may seem like the perfect idea, but think again. Hackers thrive off the online environment, stealing information as pertinent as social security numbers and addresses. Locating a seed phrase is not as difficult as you may think.

Storing this sensitive set of letters online can even be quite obvious, as random letter codes definitely lead to important and vital info. At least, this is how educated cybercriminals see things. And they are generally very intelligent, locating and compromising information daily.

So storing your crypto seed phrase online is not the best idea at all. Instead, using physical storage will provide a more hands-on location that you can change when needed. And this location is off-limits to cyber attacks.

Physical Storage of Seed Phrases

In some cases, individuals choose to use hard drives for seed phrase storage. However, this is also not the best choice, as hard drives can be destroyed or lost. Placing vital information on these devices can cause serious problems.

Paperwork isn't Fail Proof

Also, you may be tempted to simply write your crypto seed phrase on paper, fold it and store it away someplace safe. But this too can be problematic, as paper can be thrown away accidentally, lost, or even degraded over time.

The best option for storage: XSEED Plus

The most sensible option for physically hiding your important information is metal plate storage with XSEED Plus, either by engraving letters on industrial-grade aluminum or using a steel punch set.

This XSEED Plus process prevents cybercriminals from gaining access, prevents loss due to the destruction of hardware, and prevents losing the letters when paperwork is thrown out. Metal plates provide an almost indestructible method, by using an engraver or steel punch set to retain this important code.

Features of SecuX XSEED Plus

There are several notable features of the SecuX XSEED Plus. These features offer logical insights into why the product is best for storing seed words and seed phrases. 

Fireproof and Waterproof

Engraved or stamped letters are protected from water. The numbers cannot be washed away no matter how much you may clean the plates. If they're dropped in water, they are also safe. This is just one positive aspect of XSEED Plus

The plates are also designed to resist fire, whether it's an aluminum sheet or stainless steel, enduring temperatures of up to 2649 degrees Fahrenheit/1454 degrees Celsius. The 1.5 mm thickness of the plates prevents warping under such conditions as well. These plates have been tested thoroughly to ensure their ability to resist fire and heat.

Easy to Use

The plates are very lightweight and easy to hide in almost any location. You can store them anywhere that you feel is safe and even better, use the tamper-proof stickers or place them in tamper-evident bag. Remember, no one but you should know the location of your seed phrase.

Where NOT to Store Your Seed Phrase

Do not store your seed phrase in any location where you would not store other vital information. In fact, seed phrase storage should never be stored at any online locations, on paper, and preferably, never on a small zip drive.

What's in the Box?

The sealed package contains a few items, including the tools to use in creating your seed phrase word. All packaged products include:

  • 1 Industrial-grade aluminum sheet
  • 3 Stainless steel plates
  • Pen for engraving recovery words
  • 1 steel letter punch set
  • Bespoke card holder
  • Tamper-proof stickers

Step by Step Setup Process for the XSEED Plus

Setting up your XSEED recovery system is easy. The hardest part is finding the best location to hide the recovery crypto seed. But first, in case you haven't already, you must set up your hardware wallet.

Setting up Your Crypto Hardware Wallet

To set up your crypto hardware wallet, first power on the device and set up your pin word. Then continue to make your account and set up your mobile app. You can browse the on-screen options or continue with your backup seed phrase process. 

Locating and recording the Recovery Seed Word

The seed phrase is a randomly generated set of letters that can be recorded onto metal plates. These engraved or stamped letters can be located under the recovery option in the settings. An engraving pen or hammer and steel punch can be used on either the aluminum or steel plates.

After recording the crypto seed phrase on the metal plates, you can hide them away in a safe location. 

Hiding the Recovery Seed Plates

The engraved or stamped letters should be placed in a secure location that is not a common area for storage. Using a unique place will decrease the risk of others getting access to your hardware wallet and account.

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